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We Help Aspiring Authors To Become Published Authors

What Challenges Are You Facing To Publish Your Book?

Global Book Publishing (GBP) is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about self-publishing. We have a value-packed free interviews, with amazing authors to inspire and teach; vibrant communities where you can get support and advice from other writers just like you; free writer resources and guides; and our acclaimed courses where we walk you through everything you need to know to help you make a career from your passion.

From print-on-demand to ebook publishing, GBP gets your content to readers across the planet. You get access to the same products and services enjoyed by big-time publishers—superb quality and industry connections backed by decades of experience at GBP. 

Unlike Big Publishing companies, we ensure that you have full control over your work with 100% royalties and we guarantee that your work will be published once you are ready with the manuscript. 

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Why Global?

There are roughly 6.5 billion readers in the world. That's a pretty huge market. Why limit your book to just one country? Think global.

What's Next?

At Global book publishing, we thrive to assist you in becoming a published author within no time even if you have ZERO manuscripts or don't know where to start?

We Help You Write The Book Manuscript That Sells 
We Will Publish Your Book Globally
You Get 100% Royalties and Complete Ownership
We Teach You To Market Like A PRO

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What our customers are saying...


Before finding their services, I tried many ways to get my book out but to no help. Now I am a published author of 3 Books!! The guidance that I have received is unparallel.

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Although my package did not include writing, still Susmita helped me in creating an entire outline and helped me finish writing my book. I am so thankful, more than words could possibly explain.

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I came to global book publishing with no knowledge about book writing. With your expertise and guidance, I could fulfill my dream of becoming an Author. Thank you!


My name is Zarina Karim.  I have a management consulting firm that helps companies struggling with rapid change.  We do corporate assessments, remediation planning, and executive training. Currently, I’m working on a book to augment our training and consulting.

Finding time and resources has been very challenging and progress on this book has been intermittent at best.   Last summer I attended a virtual conference and came across a presentation by Susmita. I was very impressed by the complete suite of services that she offers in her partnership publishing program.

I’ve been working with Susmita for several months now.  Global Book Publishing has exceeded my expectations.   They provide a very thorough and structured process for writing your book.  It’s complete with exercises and personal guidance.  Best of all they have a complete team of professionals to support you through each stage of your book development.

I am now halfway through the first draft of my book and can’t tell you how exciting it is to make progress on something that is so important to me.



We have helped over 1000 authors all around the world publish their books and create a better life and would love to help you.

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